25: Lori McIntosh – Immersed in Photography & Horses since being a little kid – PODCAST
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I love doing these podcasts It is great fun to do these podcasts, and I hope to get more regular with them. One way to make things move along more quickly is to cut down on the amount of information that I include on the website. Going forward, I am going to share a little and some photos, but not try to tell about everything that was discussed in the podcast. You will have to listen for that. Talking to Lori McIntosh was great fun She grew up in a family of photographers and she loved horses and has been riding horses since being a small child. Her dad is a master photographer and he had three studios in Virginia until he retired. At 88 years old he still enjoys photography and is writing books. When Lori was ready to become a photographer he was able to connect her with some of the best photographers in the country to mentor her. She got to listen to a cruise ship full of photographers with her father when she was just starting out. SHOW NOTES: Growing up in a photography studio Giving her parents a break by going to horse camp / stables As a little girl she used to help her dad, calling clients to tell them their orders or proofs were ready to pick up. She also spent time each summer at a summer horse camp when she lived out east. Now she is located in Auburn California. In this photo from her Facebook page she explains that she was always a mischievous little girl and had burned a hole playing with matches in this dress which her father had brought home from a trip to Mexico. Even with the hole, she loved this dress and wore it out wearing it. She speculated that her parents loved the opportunity of sending her to horse camp every year. Website: http://www.lorimcintoshphotography.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoriMcIntoshPhotography/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lorimc26/?eq=lori%20main&etslf=10566 Email: [email protected]    Lori still rides today and participates in Endurance riding and has ridden the Tevis in California, one of the oldest point to point 100 mile Endurance events in the country. As she speaks about her equine competitive partners, you can hear how much she bonds and loves her horses. Some of Lori’s work: SUBSCRIBE, Rate and Review: The Equine Photographers Podcast We also encourage your to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes so you never miss an episode. This is also where you can leave a RATING or COMMENT about the episode or the podcast. More comments and ratings helps others find our podcast on iTunes. If you enjoyed the podcast consider leaving a rating and review: Subscribe on iTunes Click HERE Also, please use the SHARE buttons at the bottom of the page to share The Equine Photographers Podcast with other equine photographers that you may know.  
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