Today's podcast with Andy. We cover: Working from home and boredom eating Journaling around food - how it helps Comfort eating/ how to increase comfort without turning to food Boxing Fear of increasing calories Gym boners And more! Enjoy!! You can join the next intake of commit to 6 here
Published 11/23/22
Do you struggle with impatience? this is for you! A better way to think about impatience and how to use it to your advantage. Click here to apply for coaching
Published 11/21/22
Published 11/21/22
Today's Q&A: Maintenance in practice, Slow weight loss, The power of Small changes over time, Portion sizes, Sticking to diet while traveling, Balancing fat loss & alcohol Feelings Vs actions This was awesome - thank you for your incredible brain Catherine!! If you need some help to reach your goals click here
Published 11/17/22
This is a bit of a mindset episode on life balance Vs the sacrifices required to reach your goals. Body , career, relationship or business - your goals will require time, effort and energy. When considering your goals you should also consider the effort you are willing to put in to achieve them and whether those two things align. If they don't you'll end up frustrated and disappointed. Need some help to reach your goals in business? Click here. Need some help to reach your health, fitness...
Published 11/14/22
We cover some awesome questions from the commit to 6 group today: Menstrual cycle & training - what to consider. Sugar cravings - what do they mean? What should you do? Diet messaging - are we glorifying highly processed foods ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ foods Science Vs application 12k steps Vs 8k steps The impact of your environment on choices If you want to join the next intake of commit to 6 click here! If you have any questions you can WhatsApp me here @ESGfitness
Published 11/08/22
The importance of not focusing solely on the scales and how the appreciation of non scale victories can actually result in improved scale weight wins too! If you are not appreciating and acknowledging these then you need to start! Find out more about coaching here @ESGfitness
Published 11/07/22
Today's podcast with Shona :) Topics included: Why we are feeling good working from home and grazing protein intake as a veggie Protein and digestion problems Eating out for work - frequency of eating out and choices BCAAs Classes Vs commit to 6 workouts PMS cravings Menopause and BMR Hope you enjoy!! Want to join commit to 6? ESGfitness.co.uk/committo6
Published 11/01/22
There are many reasons that it's easier for some people to get in shape. This is a really important concept to understand if you are struggling with fat loss and feeling like a failure or if you are a coach trying to help people lose fat. If you struggle with fat loss and need some help click the link below! ESGfitness.co.uk @ESGfitness
Published 10/31/22
Today's podcast with Catherine. We got through as many Qs as possible: Number of workouts you should be doing The law of diminishing returns - workouts, food, work output Values and priorities How long does it take to build muscle Surfing the urge - food, arguments, relationships Calorie tracking when out for meals Best exercise for fat loss Realistic expectations & more! If you have enjoyed this episode give it a share! @ESGfitness @Catherine_ESGfitness ESGfitness.co.uk
Published 10/27/22
The pros and cons of meal plans and how to use them effectively and avoid the negatives. A really important one if you've struggled with dieting. Need some help with fat loss? DM me here saying 'fat loss' Or on instagram: @ESGfitness ESGfitness.co.uk
Published 10/24/22
Intro to the new intake of commit to 6  Some top tips on imperfect action, the scales weight, menopause, mimetic desire and check ins from the coaches Enjoy! @ESGfitness @Andy_ESGfitness @Catherine_ESGfitness ESGfitness.co.uk/committo6
Published 10/23/22
The importance of optimism & your biggest fat loss struggles including: Why optimism is so important when it comes to taking action Exercise & it's relation to weight loss Procrastination & a pep talk to taking action! Ready to take some action? Sign up to commit to 6 Want to chat to me first? Message me here
Published 10/17/22
A free 5 day kick start to a better you! My goal is to have you FEEL happier, healthier and more motivated in just 5 days. It's free - what do you have to lose! Join here. Message me with any questions here.
Published 10/13/22
Not losing weight on low calories? Listen to this! Sign up for coaching here
Published 10/10/22
Today's podcast with Shona Denovan ❤️ Evening overeating Cancer recurrence and risk Slimming world friends Truffle oil Intensity of workouts weight loss compliments should I drop calories when unwell? Enjoy! Join commit to 6 here
Published 10/06/22
Thanks to Sarah for having me on her podcast which you can find here I hope you enjoy! If you need some help & support with anything we have discussed shoot me a message or enquire below: Whatsapp me @ESGfitness ESGfitness.co.uk
Published 10/03/22
Q&A Episode with Catherine. We cover: Level up weekend chats The importance of Tempo - when and how to use it What is a healthy weight? BMI Not enjoying exercise MPS and protein feeding 'mum tum' and bloating Enjoy! Sign up to join the next coaching intake here
Published 09/28/22
If what you’re doing isnt working, If you feel like you’ve tried every diet going then you need to do something different and it’s got F all to do with the perfect calories, meal timings,  fasting, kept, low fat, low carb, seed oils etc and everything to do with how you are mentally approaching your diet. Coaching application WhatsApp me to talk about your goals
Published 09/26/22
We cover: Being hungry on rest days When to eat PWO When to rest & when to push harder How to get your mojo back! Enjoy! @ESGfitness ESGfitness.co.uk
Published 09/22/22
Dieting comes with a lot of potential negatives. In this episode I discuss how to set yourself up to avoid these. The Fitness Unfiltered podcast mentioned is here EIQnutrition info is here Coaching info & applications can be found here @ESGfitness
Published 09/19/22
Click bait title! Today we cover: Fears around building too much muscle How to enjoy your holiday to the fullest Post party training advice Water retention & how to avoid it Eggs - how many is too many Exercise you enjoy! @ESGFitness For coaching: ESGfitness.co.uk
Published 09/13/22
The vicious cycle stopping you getting results & how to get out of it. & a pep talk on scale weight @ESGfitness Whatsapp me here Learn more about coaching here
Published 09/12/22
Q&A with Catherine: Unpacking the glucose revolution advice Cherry juice & DOMs Sleep tips Don't eat after 6pm @ESGfitness work with us: ESGfitness.co.uk
Published 09/07/22
One of the most requested episodes. Losing fat as a small woman is certainly harder. This episode will give you an insight into why it's harder & what you can do about it. ESGfitness.co.uk @ESGfitness Whatsapp me
Published 09/05/22