Ep. 431 - Q&A - What is a healthy weight? Tempo, not enjoying exercise & Level up
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Q&A Episode with Catherine. We cover: Level up weekend chats The importance of Tempo - when and how to use it What is a healthy weight? BMI Not enjoying exercise MPS and protein feeding 'mum tum' and bloating Enjoy! Sign up to join the next coaching intake here
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Today's podcast with shona! We speak about low carb, Recovery from injury and surgery, Dealing with Grief, Self compassion, Muscle, training, nutrition and ageing, And having a festive period plan! Enjoy! Join commit to 6 here
Published 12/07/22
This episode is about how not to let the scale weight ruin your progress. Apply for coaching here Oh and here is the IVF link!
Published 12/05/22
Published 12/05/22