323: Top 10 Simple Eating and Stress Hacks to Help You Survive the Holiday
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It’s the most wonderful time of year. The holidays are here, and these days are filled with fun traditions, gatherings, feasts, and gifts. So much to enjoy, but also so much stress!    If the holiday season leaves you feeling more blue than festive...   Some simple self-care can make a huge difference in how you cope with the season. Tune in today to hear... Self-care strategies to reduce stress How setting intentions can help you stay healthy Simple ways to overcome cravings Tips to keep you from overeating at holiday gatherings And more!   Mentioned in this episode: Black Friday Sale: Get 15% off all Essentially Whole Supplements! Join the 14-Day Detox Program Daily Self-Care Journal The Dash Diet Cookbook   Related Resources: Essentially You episode: #281 How to End Emotional Eating Now with Tricia Nelson Essentially You episode: #318 How to Create Ease in Your Day Life, No Matter What Winter Scents & Emotional Health - Diffusing Essential Oils for the Holidays DIY Stress-Reducing Essential Oil Blend Top 10 Self-care Rituals for Today's Woman
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