369: Five Daily Habits and Rituals I Never Skip In Order to Feel My Best
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Being a pro at prioritizing self-care has so many benefits… But if you’re anything like me, limiting beliefs and old patterns can sometimes hinder your best efforts.… I’ve narrowed down the daily self-care habits that help me function and feel good…   And I know there are five non-negotiable things I must do every day to make me the best version of myself! Tune in today to hear…   How my beliefs around self-care have evolved over the past decade What meditation is really about The best times of day for walking How I incorporate movement into my week The supplements I take to provide my body with enough nutrients And more!   Mentioned in this episode:   Magnesium Restore   Activated B Complete   Vitamin D Complete   Adrenal Love   Thyroid Support   Daily Self-Care Journal Related Resources:   Essentially You episode # 252: 5-Minute Wellness Routines to Feel Good Now with Robyn Downs   Essentially You episode #318: How to Create Ease in Your Day Life, No Matter What with Elena Brower   Top 10 Self-Care Rituals for Today's Woman   Top 10 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Morning   10 Toxic Habits That May Be Aging You Faster
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