How to Flatten Your Blood Sugar Curve by Combining Foods and Dressing Up Your Carbs
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As many as 90% of us are on a PERPETUAL blood sugar rollercoaster! These constant spikes and crashes can lead to a seemingly endless cycle of weight gain, mood swings, inflammation, low energy–and ultimately, a chronic illness like diabetes. But it’s not always what you eat… It’s when you eat it and what you eat it with. Tune in to my new podcast mini and learn how to dress up your carbs up with protein and fats, plus 3 snack ideas that will get you feeling SO much better.
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Published 08/12/22
More than 90% of ALL Americans experience glucose spikes throughout the week and end up on what I like to call the blood sugar rollercoaster.  This alone is leading countless people into prediabetes, diabetes, and other much worse chronic health conditions–which I am on a crusade to fix!  Tune in...
Published 08/10/22