6 important things you need to know about Street Fighter 6 and is SF6 appealing perfectly to new and returning players?
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From core mechanics to general flow and feel, we discuss 6 important things players can expect from Street Fighter 6, also, almost all of the reactions from those who have played are positive thus far. Has Capcom found the perfect balance of accessibility and dynamic core gameplay? 
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We react to the new Street Fighter 6 costumes shown off for Ryu, Chun, Luke, Jamie, and Guile at San Diego Comicon. There also may have been a slight slip up revealing who is coming to SF6 next...
Published 07/23/22
Hey team, We're changing our approach to podcasting and reducing the frequency in which we produce Talk and Block episodes. We will still be doing them and uploading as audio files, but not necessarily on a weekly basis. Moving forward Catalyst and I will be doing our TB discussion format for...
Published 07/17/22
Published 07/17/22