Ep. 221 - Exploring Collaboration Through Writing
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In today's episode, Candido reconnects with his high school English teacher for a fun conversation about creativity and collaboration. Listen as they discuss the benefits of collaboration, why students feel welcome in the art room, and how teachers can create the space students need to explore and develop their creative skills. Resources and Links Explore the Collaboration in the Art Room PRO Pack Looking at Ideas for Collaboration Follow Candido on Instagram and Twitter Hear every episode of Everyday Art Room
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In today's episode, educator Flavia Zuñiga-West joins Candido to talk about the benefits of showing contemporary art and working with contemporary artists in your classroom. Listen as they discuss the ideas of windows, mirrors, and sliding doors, talk about ways to make art history accessible,...
Published 04/28/22
Published 04/28/22
In today's episode, AOEU Instructor April Malphurs joins Candido to discuss her mobile art studio and how she brings art to her community. Listen as they discuss the benefits of community-based education programs, how they motivate reluctant learners, and the joy that comes from teaching art...
Published 04/21/22