Ep. 194 - How a Seed Grows
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Social media can play a powerful role in the way we connect and collaborate as art teachers, allowing us to share ideas, build them out, and make them our own. In today's episode, Nic discusses how ideas can develop, how we influence each other, and how we learn from what other teachers post. Listen as Nic tells the story of how a single lesson has spread, with the help of Poppy Phillips and Shana Gutterman.  Resources and Links Read Poppy's Facebook post Follow Shana on Twitter and Instagram Check out the art of Charles McGee
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Last week, Nic explored the AOEU Master's Degree with Dr. Alyson Pouls. Today, we will hear from three AOEU alumni about their experiences earning their degree. Listen as Holly Shedden, Heather Anderson, and Kendra Berg about their journey to the Master's Degree and how what they have learned has...
Published 07/29/21
Over the next couple of weeks, Nic will be exploring the AOEU Master's Degree on the podcast. Today Nic welcomes on Dr. Alyson Pouls, an associate professor and academic advisor, to talk about the Master's program. Listen as they discuss what to expect when entering the program, how research is...
Published 07/22/21
So many teachers are looking for extra opportunities, especially during the summer. In today's episode, Nic welcomes on Amanda O'Shaughnessy to talk about her Studio Art Club and the opportunities it affords her. Listen as they discuss diving into new mediums, working with adult learners, and how...
Published 07/15/21