Building a Three-Parent World
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A sociologist, a biologist, and an astrophysicist walk into a zoom room and discuss what it would be like if everyone had three parents. Here's a hint: it gets complicated real fast. We discuss speculative science, the difficulty of large collaborations, mating types, and ~bedroom activity~ HOSTED by Dr. Moiya McTier ( (@GoAstroMo)), astrophysicist and folklorist GUESTS Dr. Tamara van der Does is a computational sociologist who studies how environment shapes beliefs and identity. You can learn about her work on her website ( and follow her on twitter at @tam_does. Dr. Albert Kao is a biologist who studies collective decision making. Learn about his work and his lab at ( and follow him on twitter at (@albert_kao). MIDBREAK - Listen to The Newest Olympian wherever you get your podcast or at ( - BUY EXOLORE MERCH: ( - Preorder my book, THE MILKY WAY: ( FIND US ONLINE - patreon: ( - twitter: ( - instagram: ( - website: ( - subreddit: ( CREDITS - Music: ( - Cover art: Stephen J. Reisig, ( - Editing: Mischa Stanton, ( ABOUT US Have you ever wished you could travel to a different world? Exolore can help with that! In each episode, astrophysicist/folklorist Moiya McTier explores fictional worlds by building them with a panel of expert guests, interviewing professional worldbuilders, or reviewing the merits of worlds that have already been built. You'll learn, you'll laugh, and you'll gain an appreciation for how special our planet really is. Exolore is a member of Multitude Productions, an independent podcast collective and production studio.
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