Network executives announced that Jussie Smollett was removed from the final two episodes of Empire. Plus, Drew and the team review some of the best Jussie-related memes. Also, LifeZette Author Connor Wolf joins the show to discuss the latest in the Mueller investigation.  Finally, award-winning investigative journalist Joshua Philipp discusses the social credit system in China.     
Published 02/27/19
U.S. Army Intelligence Veteran and Political Analyst, David Kamioner stops by to discuss the Mueller investigation and how the Dems will mold their narrative after they hear what they don't want to hear. Also, Celebrity Publicist and Political Commentator, Sharika Soal weighs in on the Jussie Smollett arrest and how it affects anyone else in the future from real attacks. 
Published 02/27/19
Before taking a trip across the headlines, Drew and the team are joined by two-time Emmy Award winner Tom Cunningham for a "Florida Man" segment. Then the host of The White House Brief, Jon Miller, swings by to discuss the latest on disgraced Empire actor Jussie Smollet.  Finally, former Green Beret and Founder of Fieldcraft Survival, Mike Glover describes their training philosophy and how everyone is their own first responder.   
Published 02/27/19
Drew and Disco share "Fake News Friday" before cruising through the headlines.  Founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, joins the show to discuss Jussie Smollet and a new push by Democrats to attack the second amendment.  Finally, host of The Rob Maness Show, retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, swing by to discuss President Trump declaring a national emergency and its impact.
Published 02/27/19
GunGram creator and host of Riding Shotgun with Charlie on YouTube, Charlie Cook, joins Drew and the team to cruise through the headlines, as well as "Craigslist Missed Connections".  Then love guru and author DeAnna Lorraine joins Drew and the team to give Valentine's advice, but also announce her plans to run against Nancy Pelosi in 2020.
Published 02/27/19
After reviewing the day's top headlines, and an odd "Anything Goes" story, author and political commentator DC McAllister swing by to discuss the Mueller investigation. Then Instagram star and political commentator Erin Whidden joins Drew to discuss David Hogg's latest comments on AR-15s.
Published 02/13/19
In this star-studded episode,  Host of Rant Nation Graham Allen joins Drew to breakdown Ellen Page's attack on actor Chris Pratt.  Also, the Director of Hispanic Outreach for Turning Point USA and political commentator, Anna Paulina, swings by to discuss President Trump's performance last week, as well as Elizabeth Warren's prediction for 2020. Finally, the host of Gun Freedom Radio, Cheryl Todd, and Drew discuss the latest second amendment headlines.
Published 02/12/19
Host of Happy Hour, Tom Cunningham, joins the crew while they try to hold back laughter discussing the finer details of AOC's grand plan, "The Green New Deal". You won't believe what is listed on her 10-year agenda! Hint: It includes saying goodbye to everything we know and leaves the residents of Hawaii in a bit of a pickle. Also, award-winning investigative journalist at the Epoch Times, Joshua Phillip, joins Drew to discuss China's aggressive cyber warfare. Finally, the owner of Train 4...
Published 02/12/19
Former CIA Operations Officer Dan Harris joins the team to discuss the second summit with North Korea later this month. Also, former Energy Official under Bush 43, Bart Marcois drops by to discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal.  Finally, author and writer for The Daily Wire Jacob Airey discusses his new book.
Published 02/12/19
Political Analyst David Kamioner joins Drew and the team to breakdown the State of the Union Address.  Also, former host of Wheel of Fortune and Love Connection and current host of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck Woolery, joins Drew to discuss the address and the MSM's unfair coverage of the President.  Finally, former Navy SEAL and CEO/Founder of Bottle Breacher, Eli Crane swings by to discuss their new .50 caliber bottle breachers celebrating the President, as well as some ideas for Valentine's Day. 
Published 02/06/19
Drew, Mike and Disco discuss President Trump's plan for the SOTU, his guest list, who Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez plans to bring and the continued drama in Virginia over Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax. Also, the Director of Hispanic Outreach for Turning Point USA, Anna Paulina, weighs in on messaging to the Hispanic community during the SOTU and where the Democrats are going wrong.  Finally, former ICE Supervisor Jason Piccolo joins the show to discuss Pelosi's failed plan to...
Published 02/05/19
Drew, Mike and Disco discuss the absurdity of a new report suggesting the killing of Native Americans lead to climate change.  Also, the team weighs in on prop bets for this weekend's Super Bowl.  Then Instagram model and second amendment advocate, Trinity Merrill, joins the team in-studio to take a trip across the headlines, and discuss her upcoming show "What Triggers Trin."  Finally, former U.S. Army combat medic Joel Frewa gives the team an update on what is going on in Venezuela.
Published 02/01/19
Drew, Mike and Disco discuss political polarization in our country and the Jussie Smollett case. Also, Author of "The Millenials Guide To Changing The World" Alison Sher stops by to defend the millenial generation. Finally, Diliman Abdulkader joins the show to discuss Kurdistan and what a Kurdish state would do for the region.
Published 02/01/19
After addressing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's guidance to her followers on "Lounge Uniforms" AKA pajamas, Drew and the team cruise through the day's top headlines.  Also, cybersecurity expert and political commentator Morgan Wright joins the show to discuss "Deep Fake" videos.  Finally, Travis Mills describes the amazing work he is doing for the veteran community with the Travis Mills Foundation.
Published 02/01/19
Drew and the team discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's response to a show segment posted by Blaze TV on Twitter. Also, Instagram Star and political commentator, Erin Whidden, joins the team for the headlines, which include Hillary Clinton not ruling out 2020, Howard Schultz jumping in as an independent, Super Bowl news and much more.  Then, radio show host Ken Webster Jr. swings by to discuss mob-style media tactics and the Jazmine Barnes case in Texas. Finally, best selling author and former...
Published 01/28/19
Political insider Roger Stone's home was raided early this morning, Nancy Pelosi boasts her unwillingness to cooperate with President Trump and Kellyanne Conway is named as a possible White House leaker.  Also, host of The White House Brief, Jon Miller, joins Drew to discuss President Trump's compromise and strategy as it pertains to the border wall and the ongoing government shutdown.  Finally, Mandy Burns from High Sierra Veteran Supply swings by to describe their lifestyle and apparel...
Published 01/25/19
Former U.S. Marine and radio show host Jesse Kelly joins Drew to weigh in on the ongoing spat between House Democrats and President Trump, and it's implications on the previously scheduled State of the Union Address. Also, drama and violence continue to surround the Covington Catholic saga, and even Today's Savannah Guthrie is under fire.  Finally, host of Gun Freedom Radio, Cheryl Todd, interviews Kevin Dixie from SHOT Show in Las Vegas.
Published 01/25/19
Drew and the team review President Trump's best tweets from the past week, before tackling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a possible location change for the State of the Union Address and several other ludicrous headlines.  Also, Advisory Board Member to Donald J. Trump, Jason Meister joins the show to discuss the state of the mainstream media and how it plays into President Trump's hands.  Finally, author and civil war historian Eric Wittenberg takes us back in time and describes the Sickles case. 
Published 01/23/19
After a much needed break, Experience Matters is back, only now it’s the Drew Berquist Show. BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales joins the crew to discuss the day's top headlines. Also, Author Joshua Evans stops by to discuss how companies are adapting to America's new political environment. Finally, Texas GOP Chairman David Covey joins Drew to discuss the on going government shutdown and battle over the boarder wall.
Published 01/23/19
Author and 'Love Guru' DeAnna Lorraine and host of Happy Hour, Tom Cunningham, join Drew and the team for a special Christmas episode.  In addition to the headlines, Drew sends his last letter of the year to Santa, tackles the Santa Hotline and entire crew does Craigslist Missed Connections one last time in 2018.
Published 12/19/18
Drew dives into the amazing story of Mama Ginger Passarelli and her dedication to feeding our nation's first responders through her not-for-profit, the Soup Ladies.
Published 12/18/18
Internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft and privacy joins Drew to discuss the growing threat of cyber warfare and how it affects U.S. national security and our elections.  
Published 12/17/18
Former State Department and Department of Energy official under President George W. Bush, Bart Marcois, joins Drew to discuss the state of Trump's foreign policy, to include hot-button issues, such as Russia and the border wall.
Published 12/14/18
Producer Abigail sits in for Disco as Drew and Mike cruise through the day's headlines.  Then Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott drops by to discuss his new role, Commander of the South Carolina State Guard.  Finally, good friend of the show and host of Gun Freedom Radio, Cheryl Todd,  swings by to discuss a myriad of Second Amendment topics.
Published 12/13/18
After Drew, Mike and Disco touch on the day's top stories, Advisory Board Member to President Donald Trump and political pundit, Jason Meister, drops by to discuss the border wall and President Trump's contentious meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the Oval Office.
Published 12/12/18