Peter and Dan discuss individuals who are changing the world, spotlighting Dean Kamen, an inventor who has an amazing moonshot of regenerating human organs. Imagine having a supply of “spare organs”: hearts, livers, lungs, and kidneys available to you as you get older. In this episode: Dan talks about past Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas […]
Published 05/16/22
Peter and Dan discuss the foundational new technology blockchain and how it will ultimately disrupt every industry: from finance and real estate, to sports and e-commerce. In this episode: Peter talks about the many possible uses of blockchain technology: from creating sovereign identities for refugees, to blockchain serving as a more reliable record of a […]
Published 05/01/22
Published 05/01/22
Peter and Dan talk about the importance and power of long-term thinking when planning a new venture. For example, making a commitment to run Abundance360 for 25 years and the value created by this way of thinking. Imagine publicly making a 25-year commitment to something you’re passionate about. How would your mindset change? In this […]
Published 03/27/22
Peter and Dan discuss their tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of mindset, sleep, exercise, and diet. In this episode: Peter talks about two hacks that help keep his body temperature at an optimum level while sleeping, and how he gamifies getting eight hours every night.  Dan discusses his exercise routine […]
Published 02/28/22
Peter and Dan discuss the many ways in which exponential technologies are extending the healthy human lifespan. Today, we generate and have access to a staggering amount of personalized health data, as personal data-tracking platforms are more accessible and prolific than ever before. In this episode: Peter touches on his latest book, Life Force: How […]
Published 02/10/22
Peter and Dan discuss the past few years’ shifts in global supply chains and how the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a major flaw in the system, as many companies moved operations from China to other parts of the world. Peter explores an intriguing flip, as companies increasingly move workforces off-shore yet transition key aspects of their […]
Published 02/02/22
Peter and Dan discuss the growing role that technologies like AI, neural nets and supercomputers will play in increasing global wisdom over the coming years.  In this episode: Peter explains that while humans have historically gained wisdom by observing the consequences of their actions, AI provides the unique capability to simulate millions of scenarios, over […]
Published 01/05/22
One of Dan’s key quotes, also a foundational coaching concept in Strategic Coach, is “your ears only hear and your eyes only see what you’re looking for,” meaning that we only notice breakthroughs when we search for them. In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss the many business examples and industries in which this applies. […]
Published 12/22/21
Peter and Dan discuss a process used for disruptive thinking, a way to brainstorm new business models that could grow your company and create novel opportunities. Their conversation provides an accessible methodology for generating unexpected ideas unconstrained by the company’s past that also work to advance its mission. In this episode: Peter recounts a brainstorming […]
Published 12/03/21
Peter and Dan discuss today’s reinvention of the manufacturing industry, and how emerging technologies — from 3D printing to generative design — are enabling faster and more automated production at scale. Touching on one company, Re:Build Manufacturing, they demonstrate how local, just-in-time manufacturing and tech-driven lean processes are beginning to disrupt the global supply chain. […]
Published 11/12/21
Peter and Dan discuss preventive, predictive, and personalized health care. Showcasing this phenomenon, they delve into a new health care company, Fountain Life, which uses data-driven methodologies and thorough diagnostics to identify disease early and enhance members’ physical and mental performance. In this episode: Peter explains why and how he sees healthcare evolving into a […]
Published 10/08/21
Peter and Dan discuss first principles thinking, demonstrating why the world’s best entrepreneurs use this methodology to set massive goals. Elon Musk is perhaps the foremost example of entrepreneurial success as a direct result of his mindset, problem-solving strategies, and intelligence. In this episode: Peter shares his takeaways from his conversation with Elon Musk, which […]
Published 08/25/21
Peter and Dan talk about the extraordinary progress in human teamwork, how technologies like AI, networks, sensors, allow humans to communicate faster and easier. In this episode: Dan discusses increasing collaboration within his company, starting with focusing on each individual before any teamwork can happen.  Peter talks about the XPRIZE crowdsourced prize designs that happened […]
Published 07/30/21
Peter and Dan discuss the wide-ranging implications of today’s biotech and longevity breakthroughs, now adding years to the human healthspan. In this episode: Peter mentions the significance of Dr. David Sinclair’s latest cover-featured publication in Nature, which offers groundbreaking evidence for reversal of age-related decline in mice– an advancement now being tested and validated in […]
Published 07/16/21
Peter and Dan discuss the abundance of capital and why now there is more capital available to more people than ever in human history.  The total worldwide volume of crowdfunding, inclusive of peer-to-peer lending, was $14 billion in 2019, with over 2,000 platforms to access funding. But like many digital platforms, this too is experiencing […]
Published 06/22/21
Peter and Dan discuss the benefits of having a Longevity Mindset. Now more than ever, during a period of exponential medicine, you don’t have to accept the cards you’re dealt. Technologies like genome sequencing, RNA transcriptomics, Wnt pathway modifiers, vaccines, CRISPR, liquid biopsies, CAR-T cells, Gene Therapy, exosomes, and stem cells are just some of […]
Published 06/09/21
Peter and Dan discuss the benefits of cultivating an “Exponential Mindset,” an understanding that computation and derivative technologies (AI, VR, 3D Printing, etc.) are growing exponentially. Thirty doublings drive a billion-fold improvement that the human (linear) brain finds difficult to grasp. In this episode: Peter talks about how humans are evolved to be linear thinkers, […]
Published 06/02/21
Peter and Dan discuss the benefits to having an “Abundance Mindset” where exponential tech like computation, AI, 3-D printing, robotics, VR are rapidly dematerializing, demonetizing, and democratizing products and services. What used to only be available to the richest and most elite, is now available to almost anyone on the planet. In this episode: Peter […]
Published 05/11/21
Peter and Dan discuss the abundance of capital and growth of the global economy, including crowdfunding, venture funding, and SPACs. In this Episode: Peter talks about global venture funding hitting an all-time record high, despite the pandemic.  With all this investment, the seeds have been planted and he expects successful new startups in 2022 or […]
Published 05/02/21
Peter and Dan discuss the world of the blockchain and the latest phenomenon of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In this episode:  Peter talks about why he believes the blockchain will play a key role in detecting deepfakes with the recent Tom Cruise deepfake videos going viral on TikTok. Dan discusses how the blockchain will play […]
Published 04/14/21
Peter and Dan explore the technology of AI avatars. Diving into a fun conversation about intelligent digital humans that are now surfacing in certain industries, Peter and Dan envision how these AI avatars might also influence human interactions in business. In this episode: Peter talks about his experiments with three companies he’s excited about in […]
Published 03/21/21
Peter and Dan discuss recent breakthroughs in the commercial space industry, highlighting a slew of new startups entering the marketplace, whether in analytics or rocket engineering. As we witness the shift from a heavily government-funded space industry to one propelled by privately funded companies, the world will soon see more and more access to space. […]
Published 03/03/21
Peter and Dan discuss the rapid speed of technological change and why they believe the pandemic has sped up the progress of innovation. They believe that using this time to hone your mindset is critically important.  In this episode: Peter says one thing he learned was to “never let a good crisis go to waste”. […]
Published 02/08/21
Peter and Dan discuss how the pandemic has changed the educational system forever. As many schools have turned to fully online curriculums, entrepreneurs and educators are experimenting with the “new normal” learning from home.  In this episode: Peter gives an update about being a parent as his kids attend school online. Dan says more and […]
Published 12/14/20