ALL about our PERIOD experiences (FUNNY AF STORIES & more!)
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y'all.... we have really been through some terrible (but sometimes funny) period experiences. Today, Amber & I are sharing ALL about when we first got our periods up until now! Feel free to listen in whether you get your period or not! At the end we're also joined by our brother Andrew for a catch-up! Xoxo, Ashley (@aaashleyk), Amber (@_amberalexander), & Andrew (@_andrewalexander_) --- Support this podcast:
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I'M BACK AND HERE TO STAY! I'm so excited to restart the podcast :)) I'm planning on posting either weekly or biweekly + I'll be doing more structured podcasts on certain topics as well as podcasts with friends and family! Remember to visit our IG @extradynamicpodcast (or my personal IG...
Published 07/18/21
IM BACK AGAIN LOL! Sorry for the break during my midterms, I'm so excited to be back and there will be plenty of podcasts to come! Stay connected by following @extradynamicpodcast on IG, or my personal account @aaashleyk !   --- Support this podcast:
Published 04/12/21
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Today we're joined by my boyfriend, Charles (@charlie.caloy) to talk about relationship advice & give some insights on our own relationship! We've been dating for about 4.5 years (since I was a senior in highschool, and I'm now a senior in college!) I hope you guys...
Published 02/14/21