Sami Lukis, television presenter, radio host, author and podcaster, chats to Shelly about how her fails are as big as they get.
Published 12/04/18
Published 12/04/18
Jamila Rizvi, Editor at Large for Future Women, talks to Shelly Horton about her battle with a breakfast TV host over “Strippergate.” In this week’s podcast she’s the one who strips bare and shares all the details.
Published 11/27/18
Rosie Waterland speaks to Shelly about her relationship failure that made the news in America, as well as a very funny tale about stuffing up her first celebrity interview.
Published 11/20/18
Deborah Knight speaks to Shelly about losing a high profile job and how she overcame such a huge blow publicly. She also opens up about her issues with fertility and how she felt her body had failed her during this intensely emotional time.
Published 11/13/18
Natasha Exelby, a journalist who was caught day dreaming while she was reading the news on ABC TV talks to Shelly Horton all about her ability to bounce back by turning her fails into a career path.
Published 11/06/18
Samantha Wills, the woman behind the popular jewellery brand Samantha Wills speaks to Shelly Horton about some of her career and personal failings that have helped her develop as a person. She also opens up about her decision to close down her $10million jewellery brand.
Published 10/30/18
Journalist and TV star Jessica Rowe opens up to Shelly Horton about some of her failings and how she has gone from being boned to the bounce back kid. Jessica has turned her fails into successes and has even found a way to monetise some of them through her website www.craphousewife.com
Published 10/23/18
Shelly Horton speaks with TV presenter and journalist Allison Langdon about some of the hilarious fails she's had on her journey to success. She may have a serious job, but she's a whole lot of fun.
Published 10/16/18
Kerri-Anne Kennerley, the queen of daytime TV, shares a whole bunch of stories with Shelly Horton that may or may not be failures. She doesn't believe in failure, but she does have some amazing tales to tell.
Published 10/09/18
Shelly Horton speaks with comedian/actor/tv presenterJulia Morris about the career fail that cost her financially as well as a personal fail that had her caught in an argument with a 7 year old.
Published 10/02/18
9Honey’s Shelly Horton has convinced some of Australia's most high-profile women to share their personal stories of failure because she wants to know how they bounced back. A podcast full of amusing and compelling stories from some very interesting people. Shelly is also joined by psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, AKA Dr Happy, who provides expert commentary throughout the series. New episodes of Failing Fabulously will be released every Wednesday on 9Honey.com.au, iTunes or any podcast app.
Published 09/27/18