Beverley Johnson - Founder of Consequence of Change - Art that you can take anywhere!
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In this episode, Elizabeth speaks with Beverley Johnson, the Founder of Consequence of Change. Beverley has been involved in the retail fashion industry for many years working for lifestyle brands in senior Marketing Director positions. Her passion is building strong brands that engage consumers, providing an experience beyond just a product. This passion has led her to develop and launch her own brand Consequence of Change - limited edition bags in collaboration with artists. Beverley curates all of the artwork by connecting with artists from all around the globe, offering something unique to carry on your shoulder. It's art you can take anywhere! Consequence of Change is committed to enriching people's lives by making art accessible, changing artists' lives by creating this platform and contributing to changing people's lives for the better by partnering with Sewing The Seeds Charity. Tune in to hear how Beverley has grown her inspiring brand and how she has recently run a successful Kickstarter Campaign. You can find Consequence of Change at: Instagram: @consequenceofchange Website: JOIN OUR SYFB PROGRAMME WAITLIST. If you want to make the Fashion Business your Business in 2022- then head to our website and watch the replay of our last Info Session & QA. If you're up for a Mini Course, check out our Start and Scale Studio. and explore Start your Sourcing Strategy, Startup Cost Analysis, and Tech Pack Development. If you want to work 1:1 with a Mentor and kickstart your biz development, you can head to Your Mentor Collective - book a 1 hour of power session with one of our amazing industry Mentors - that's where the magic happens! You can find Fashion Equipped over at: Instagram: @fashionequipped @startyourfashionbusiness_au Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: Website: Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business!
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