Donna and Marcello Abbate, Founders of Fit for Life - How to create a thriving workplace, embody a wellness culture and lead impactful change!
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Enjoy tuning into this enriching episode focused on Wellness and Mindfulness. Workplace Wellness statistics: Burnout, stress, physical health and anxiety are significant issues in the workplace...throw the pandemic's mental health impact into the mix - and business leaders now need to meet dramatically heightened needs for health and wellness support. The CSIRO conducted a study with 4,000 participants emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns feeling their exercise (66%), emotional wellbeing (41%) and diet (36%) had worsened to some degree, with two in five indicating they have gained weight during the outbreak, and 60% reporting a negative shift in their overall satisfaction with life. The Medical Journal of Australia has concluded that mental health problems were at least twice as prevalent as in non-pandemic circumstances, and one person in every five is now experiencing clinically-relevant depression symptoms. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has also reported 21% of Australians also said they had started drinking more alcohol - this is more than double the global average (10%). Needless to say, we're in dire need of solutions, support, healing and step by step Wellness & Mindfulness frameworks that are accessible and REALISTIC to implement into our daily lives. So setting the scene, this is why I'm so excited to introduce you to my guests, Donna and Marcello Abbate because they have a Solution and it's absolute GOLD. Who wouldn't want to bring WELLNESS into our individual lives by working on ourselves which should always be the priority, but to also create a Mindful, Vibrant, Productive, Creative and Connected Workplace. Donna and Marcello Abbate are the founders of FIT FOR LIFE, mind, body and soul. Donna is one of Australia's most well known wellness leaders. She has facilitated changes in thousands of lives whilst working with Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat for more than a decade. Her fusion of fitness modalities, as well as nutritional and naturopathic medicine, educational seminars and group fitness sessions, provided her guests a transformative, holistic experience on retreat, which now continues online via FIT FOR LIFE's programs. Marcello is a pioneer in the fitness industry with over 25-years experience of embracing a love of body biomechanics, rehabilitation and martial arts. He is a Tai Chi, mindfulness mentor that initiates real changes in the workplace, with families and individuals' lives as he enables long lasting change, psychologically and physically. During this conversation, Donna and Marcello share insights into their journey and WHY they do what they do, and they share how WE can access and embody the teachings they offer and create the best versions of ourselves and Workplaces where we can THRIVE. Want to find out more about Donna + Marcello's powerful programs? Contact Elizabeth directly at [email protected] or DM her on Insta @fashionequipped JOIN OUR SYFB PROGRAMME If you want to make the Fashion Business your Business in 2022- then head to our website and watch the replay of our last Info Session & QA. Our waitlist is now open for our 'Start Your Fashion Business' programme, so if you would like to join our community alongside inspiring people like Emily, jump on the list now! If you're up for a Mini-Course, check out our ...
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