Melissa Singer - National Fashion Editor of The Age & SMH - "Everyone has a role to play in a more conscious, sustainable future of fashion"
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In this episode Elizabeth speaks with Melissa Singer, a creative, commercially-minded writer, fashion and lifestyle editor and strategist. As the National Fashion Editor of The Age & SMH, Melissa is an active advocate of Australian Fashion. We've seen many Fashion Brands & Designers make 'Front Page' as a result of her strong and relatable voice on a range of topics from retail to women's representation in the media. During this raw and inspiring conversation, Melly shares everything from how she grew up obsessed with Fashion, to some of the perks of her job that include sitting FROW at International Fashion weeks and she also openly shares some golden advice on how to cut through the clutter, get your brand out there and her thoughts on a more enlightened, responsible and sustainable future of fashion. This episode was recorded in April 2020 while we were all adjusting to our 'new normal.' Key takeaways on what's important right now: · There will be a real rebound for people supporting Australian brands over the next twelve months · It's important to define your point of difference. If you're using fabric made from recycled fishing nets, consider what makes you different from the numerous other brands doing the same thing? · We are prepared to pay a premium for so many other things, but we don't seem to understand that equation when it comes to locally made fashion...brands need to be clear in their communication with consumers. · Being a Fashion Designer is complex, and I'm not sure many who launch are ready. Seek the help and support you need to succeed in the industry. You can find Melissa Singer on instagram at: - @melly_singer Want to join our 'Start Your Fashion Business' Programme & Community? If you would like to learn online, gain the support of mentors and join an engaged community, please head over to: You can find Fashion Equipped over at: Instagram: @fashionequipped Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: Website: Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business!
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