Neomi Amit - Unreal Fur - "Failure is just a learning opportunity. Be strategic, have a well thought out plan and then have NO fear!"
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In this episode Elizabeth speaks with Neomi Amit, International Sales & Export Manager at Unreal Fur, a Melbourne based, faux fur label brought to life in 2011. Neomi works with leading retailers around the world to drive the "Fauxvolution" of ethical and sustainable fashion. Joining Unreal Fur in 2017, she is a fearless voice for spreading the cruelty-free message. Partnering with retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Rent the Runway and Free People, Neomi is committed to ending the real fur trade for good. With a decade of experience in the beauty and skincare industries, Neomi brought her passion for vegan practices to lead Unreal Fur's expansion into the American and European markets. Neomi and her team advocate a cruelty-free ethos, sustainable fabric innovation and are helping transform the fashion industry into a conscious, faux-friendly space. During our chat it was clear to that Neomi is unstoppable on her mission to reduce over consumption, put an end to fast fashion and use innovation and technology to elevate the way our industry does business. If you're up for some HIGH Vibe Inspo from an entrepreneur that never takes no for an answer and want some golden insights into a brand that has gone GLOBAL, then this episode is a must listen! Key Takeaways: -Don't loose sight of where you're going or what you're are working towards -Take it one day at a time - what do you need to achieve TODAY to get further tomorrow? -The buyer sitting at Bloomingdales or Matches Fashion is just a person - they love fashion as much as you do - don't be intimidated - take the leap and connect! -It all starts with yourself. At our core, we know NOTHING - all we have is our ability to try and learn -Failure is just a learning opportunity. Be strategic, have a well thought out plan and then have no fear! You can find Neomi at: Instagram - @unreal_fur Website - Exciting News! You heard it FIRST! Neomi will be joining our Your Mentor Collective. Want to learn from Neomi? Watch this space! Want to join our 'Start Your Fashion Business' Programme & Community? If you would like to learn online, gain the support of mentors and join an engaged community, please head over to: You can find Fashion Equipped over at: Instagram: @fashionequipped Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: Website: Work with one of our Mentors at Your Mentor Collective Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business!
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