Effie Kats - Designer - "Meeting yourself is the key to making sound, strong business choices"
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OUR MELBOURNE FASHION FESTIVAL SPEAKER SERIES Today is a flashback episode in a series of podcasts that showcase the thought leaders who joined me for our Fashion. Business. Mindset LIVE Industry Roundtable that we hosted as part of our participation in the Melbourne Fashion Festival Independent Program: Ideas 2021. If you missed joining us LIVE, the download is available here. In this Flashback episode from Season 1, Elizabeth speaks with Effie Kats, Melbourne Designer & Founder Bayse Brand. Effie founded Zachary the label in 2013 which she operated for 5 years. After exiting Zachary, Effie launched her namesake label in 2018 which focuses on made to measure garments with a view to create perfectly tailored, sustainable pieces that last in your wardrobe for years to come. In this real and raw conversation with Effie shares some of the challenges she's faced, the bravery it takes to re-establish yourself, the importance of doing your inner work and the power of self-belief. This episode was recorded in late April 2020 while we were all adjusting to our 'new normal.' Key takeaways and tips: · Fill a gap based on what consumers actually want right now · Focus on exciting your customers, give them a unique experience · Establish a sound supply chain and work with incredible makers · The daily dynamics of a custom made model · Meet yourself, be real with yourself, and overcome creative blocks Effie's book recommendation: How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can You can find Effie at: Website - effiekats.com Instagram @effiekats @baysebrand @deadendlovers JOIN OUR PROGRAMME - ENROLMENTS OPEN JUNE 1st If you want to make the Fashion Business your Business in 2021 - then please head over to our website and jump on our Waitlist - we'll be opening enrolments to our SYFB Programme and Community on the 1st June and if you're on the waitlist we'll ensure you receive all the info you need in the lead-up. In the meantime, if you want to kickstart your 2021 you can head to Your Mentor Collective - book a 1 hour of power session with one of our amazing Mentors - that's where the magic happens! You can find Fashion Equipped over at: Instagram: @fashionequipped Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: www.facebook.com/fashionequipped Website: www.fashionequipped.com.au Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business!
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