Unfiltered Beauty with Kadeeja Khan
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Model Naomi Shimada talks to the beauty blogger about dropping the filter and showing her adult acne. Since she was 19, Kadeeja Khan has been building a following as a beauty blogger from her bedroom, under the name EmeraldXBeauty. For years she was fighting a silent battle of 'Instagram versus reality.' Then she decided to do things differently - and posted a video that changed her life. Kadeeja tells Naomi about how her perception of beauty has changed, from concealing to revealing. Presenter: Naomi Shimada Producer: Kirsty McQuire Editor: Rebecca Stratford If you are affected by issues raised in this episode you can get more information at www.bbc.co.uk/actionline. Image: Kadeeja Khan/ Naomi Shimada Credit: Kadeeja Khan/ BBC
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