Motivation “Runday” Monday – Jim Lynch (Host) – Denver, CO – 5/3/21
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Hello Runners! Motivation Runday Monday features a unique runner each week that gives a motivating running message that will get your running week off on the right foot! This episode featured runner is me, your host (Jim Lynch!) I decided to do an episode of Motivation "Runday" Monday since I feel my words will inspire and motivate runners. I've been running many years and have completed 101 marathons. I'm a certified marathon finisher in all 50 states plus DC. I'm also a race director and was the former co-race director of the (Maui Marathon) and other races associated with (Valley Isle Road Runners), the running club on Maui. If interested, friend me on Facebook. (Click Here )for the link! Runners, you too can be a part of Motivation "Runday" Monday and be featured on an episode. Instructions and questions that you can answer, in your own words, can be found at ( There is a link to record up to a 5-minute message you can do from your laptop, computer, tablet, or even your phone. And if you need more time, go back, click and record up to another 5 minutes. Motivation "Runday" Monday is about runners motivating other runners! So consider being a part Motivation "Runday" Monday podcast. Your words will inspire other runners! And please share this podcast episode with your running friends. Have a fantastic running week! ~Jim
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