Al Balmer – Running Marathons & Remembering Manny
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Al Balmer is an everyday runner. Al has completed 10 marathons and is a volunteer for Austin Fit. We talk about his running and how his father-in-law Manny was his inspiration. It'san amazing story of honoring another persons life. Hear the full story!
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Published 07/05/21
Hello Runners, Running race events are back. Yes, and with a vengeance. Boston, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, London, and Colfax marathons are just to name a few coming back this fall. Some of these are predicting 25,000, 30,000, and more runners! Just a few months ago, we were still in the pandemic...
Published 06/14/21
Hello Runners! Motivation Runday Monday features a unique runner each week that gives a motivating running message that will get your running week off on the right foot! This episode featured runner is me, your host (Jim Lynch!) I decided to do an episode...
Published 05/02/21