Today we welcome Eav, fellow Climactic Collective podcaster and environmental educator, living in Sydney. Her life journey has been marked by encounters with nature and periods of struggle, that as we will discover steered her in the direction of being a science communicator, an improvisor, crafter and artist. Eav Joined Climactic in March 2020 & she reached out to me, with a mutual passion for caring about our mental health as we take action on climate change. Her focus is on advocating...
Published 06/15/20
Bronwyn Gresham hosts a conversation between four psychologists about facing the climate crisis. About Sally Sally Gillespie, PhD, worked as a Jungian psychotherapist for over twenty years before completing her doctoral research in climate psychology.  Her recent publication, Climate Crisis and Consciousness: Re-imagining our owrkd and ourselves is an intriguing and essential read, venturing into our collective stories and consciousness and guiding us towards a space that has promise even...
Published 04/11/20
Published 04/11/20
Margaret Klein Salamon, author of Facing the Climate Emergency: How to transform yourself with climate truth, and founding director of The Climate Mobilization in the US will lead a panel discussion that explores the emotional challenges of facing the climate emergency.
Published 03/28/20
In this episode of Feeling the Change, Bronwyn interviews Bob Doppelt, a leader in the field of climate resilience.
Published 03/07/20
Ever wondered about the phrase ‘think globally, act locally’? Or how your local community could transition to zero emissions? Well we are stoke to say that this visionary work is underway right now!
Published 02/01/20
Liking the show? Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! Climactic Community Corner Night Terrace Kickstarter Nature for Life Rally - November 28th, 12pm, Melbourne Parliament, Spring Street. Meet Paul Shelton. Paul is the director of Growing Spaces, Member of the founding committee of Transition Australia and past president of Transition Darebin for four years. Winner of Darebin Sustainability Awards local hero in 2016 and Winner of...
Published 11/10/19
Bronwyn has a great chat with community stalwart, long-time activist, former school teacher and community radio host Anthony Gleeson, and gleans three key lessons about personally sustaining activism. Also, we celebrate our 75th numbered episode and 100th episode in total. Thanks to you for being with us, we honestly couldn't do this without an audience, and we appreciate you joining us to share in these stories. Liking the show? Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support...
Published 09/07/19
This week Bronwyn interviews facilitator, artist, and musician Matt Wicking.
Published 05/31/19
Bronwyn talks to Holly Hammond, and of course the conversation turns to self-care, but this time Bronwyn is able to learn from a self-care expert, and self-described "care bear" of the activist community.
Published 03/27/19
The Climactic Collective is the next phase for Climactic, and it starts now. Member of the Climactic Collective Bronwyn Gresham brings us this interview with Carolyn Ingvarson, founder of the influential group Lighter Footprints. Based in the eastern Kooyong area of Melbourne, the group started initially in response to the film, An Inconvenient Truth, as a way to gather like-minded locals to make improvements in their home and personal sustainability. But the group has grown into something...
Published 02/21/19
This episode is a live talk from Psychology for a Safe Climate, grappling with the topic of bushfire, and how to engage with the elephant in the room, climate change, in the aftermath of fire.
Published 01/16/19
Beth Hill is an anthropologist, and a member of Psychology for a Safe Climate, a non-profit group of psychologists and other helping professionals who donate their time and effort to helping people deal with the psychological effects of working on the climate crisis.
Published 11/21/18