In recognition of the heroic and diverse firefighters risking their lives to control the fires in California, Emily explores the history of women who fight fires. In the United States (and countries all over the world) firefighting is still considered a man’s world. And yet, there are women among them, fighting for respect, advocating for … Continue reading "Episode 22: Hot Hot Ladies"
Published 11/19/18
Anna’s got real talk comin’ at ya learning about the history of the emphasis on abstinence and the value of virginity. Anna shares a historical perspective on Virginity and how it came to be so highly valued. She did her breathing exercises and kept her cool to share why it’s a misguided value, and how … Continue reading "Episode 21: Why Wait"
Published 11/05/18
Emily gives us a bio pic style summary of the life and times of RBG, that’s right RUTH. In honor of her birthday, Emily and Anna celebrate the life and accomplishments of the OG, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She’s tough, she’s serious, she doesn’t mess around! And we’ll put our money where our mouths are and … Continue reading "Episode 20: The OG story of RBG"
Published 10/22/18
Anna Lu brings you the 411 on the pill – how it has (or, spoiler, hasn’t) changed since it was created, how they tested it, and more! It’s about time we find out what’s going on with those little daily contraceptives. If only grade school social studies covered this info! As you gear up for … Continue reading "Episode 19: The Pill"
Published 10/08/18
Emily gets down and dirty with your reproduction prevention! A history of sex-ed, birth control, and the woman who kicked off the organization that we now know as Planned Parenthood! These ladies know their rights! The fight for access to safe birth control had a champion named Margaret Sanger – and boy did this tough … Continue reading "Episode 18: Any Way You Want it That’s the Way You Need It!"
Published 09/24/18
Anna explains it all! Anna Lucero explores the history of feminism, and the ways it has left women of color and non-binary friends behind.  Acknowledging how we got here and how we can do better going forward is our responsibility everyday! This episode explores what it takes to make actively pursue intersectionality in your feminist … Continue reading "Episode 17: True Colors of Feminisim"
Published 09/10/18
Emily takes a dive into the life and times of Ida B Wells and her crusade to stop lynchings.  After a police-involved shooting in Chicago over the weekend, Emily and Anna celebrate a woman who spent her life working to stop unjust murder of black people at the close of the civil war. Ida B … Continue reading "Episode 16: Ida B SWELL!"
Published 08/20/18
Anna brings some true life facts and explores the relationship between women and the healthcare industry, and why women are frequently brushed off by their doctors when dealing with real pain!  Women often go longer without definitive diagnosis, and are more frequently brushed off when they share chronic symptoms with their doctors. Why? With all … Continue reading "Episode 15: It’s a Pain To Be a Woman!"
Published 08/06/18
Emily tells the incredibly thrilling stories a few women of the CIA. If only there were time to tell them all!  The ladies learn all about the CIA’s relationship with women.  We explore the stories of just a tiny few of the women who kicked serious butt in the CIA.   Listen to their stories of … Continue reading "Episode 14: I Spy!"
Published 07/23/18
Our fair heroines discover that even when we’re working on a temporary basis for a wide variety of clientele, women have trouble matching their male counterparts for equal pay and status. Listen to learn more about why it’s important that women advocate for themselves, understand the worth they bring to their gigs, and ask for … Continue reading "Episode 13: Gig-sperience!"
Published 05/14/18
The ladies dissect the issue of ladies in the sciences! Our fair heroines explore and examine the roll women have played in the science community. Learning about the barriers women face when attempting to explore, innovate, invent, and discover vital answers can be tough, but it’s important to appreciate how far we’ve come and how … Continue reading "Episode 12: Scientistas"
Published 05/01/18
Our fair heroines investigate what rights and protections society has rejected and/or instituted for sex workers. Anna Lucero provides a seriously fascinating timeline of attitudes and restrictions around sex workers, their rights, and the laws that apply. ACTION ITEM: After you listen get down with The Desiree Alliance and throw them some love! Donate
Published 04/02/18
**APOLOGIES for the week delay – Our site was down, but I FIXED IT! (because I’m a badass)**    Our fair heroines learn about the voice of a woman and how society approaches the female voice. This is an episode you don’t want to miss, it’s got it all, folk tales, science, and a heaping … Continue reading "Episode 10: Talk Like a Girl"
Published 03/25/18
Emily Sharp and Anna Lucero explore the anatomy of a proposal and find out how history has shaped this iconic social exchange. Turns out it goes to the BC times once again! After the episode, encourage your friends and loved ones to seek conflict free engagement rings and get involved! https://blacksheepbride.com/feature-friday-miadonna-the-green-diamond-impact/ Homepage
Published 03/05/18
Apologies to our listeners for the delay in getting episode 8 into the world! We’ve had some personal circumstances that moved this release down the line.  We’re grateful you came back to us for this episode and promise more timely releases in the future!  *********************************************************************************************** Is it your job to bring the birthday cake for … Continue reading "Episode 8: Emotional Labor"
Published 02/19/18
How did certain jobs get labeled “women’s work” and where did the wage gap even come from?! Emily Sharp does some hard googling in this episode to answer the tough questions. Our fair heroines explore jobs traditionally held by women and the history of the wage gap. Then head over to The American Association of … Continue reading "Episode 7: Pink Collar Jobs"
Published 01/28/18
In the pursuit of skinny we have tried all kinds of ways to melt our flesh away, turns out they all have one thing in common! Check out what we learned about dieting and metabolisms, then head over to the National Eating Disorders Association to learn how you can help support good nutrition and healthy … Continue reading "Episode 6: Get Skinny"
Published 01/08/18
Attitudes and language around mental health are changing, hopefully for the better. Our fair heroines learn about practices of involuntary commitment. After listening, head over to The Treatment Advocacy Center’s website: http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/about-us Learn about how to support proper treatment for those struggling with mental illness. Click here to learn what you can do: http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/what-you-can-do
Published 12/28/17
Anna Lucero explains it all! When and why did we start cutting our faces to be beautiful, and does it work? Sometimes the truth is a little gross and a lot surprising. Whether it’s toxic masculinity or an art form of medical science there’s lots to learn! After you listen click on over to THE … Continue reading "Episode 4: Plastic Surgery"
Published 11/28/17