#19 Creative Industries & Advertising: The path to Cannes Lions with Sandra Bold, Digital Creative Director at Publicis Milan
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Advertising | Creativity | Cannes Lions | Creative Industry | Digital Creators | Best Ads | Publicis | Ad World | Creatives |   In this episode, we discuss advertising and working with the best creatives. Our guest is no other than Sandra Bold, Cannes Lions Jury member and Digital Creative Director at Publicis Milan. Sandra Bold is far from the typical path of working on a traditional career path, having graduated in architecture and deciding to work with ads instead to showcase the talent that lies within her.  Sandra Bold joins Femme Lead Podcast to discuss her path, challenges, and what does it mean to work in the creative industries. A typical 9 to 5 is not what you'll find here, and Sandra doesn't shy away from mentioning the industry's hardships, from working long hours to striving to be the best at your craft.  Sandra Bold started her ad career in Bucharest, Romania where she quickly grew from junior to senior positions. During her career, she kept on winning awards to make her parents less pissed off about her dropping architecture. Among the awards, you will find Cannes Lions, Eurobest, One show, Golden drum, and titles like Copywriter of the year (2016), Top 6 creatives to watch (2017), Pitch 100 Superwomen (2018). Check out Sandra’s website: http://www.sandrabold.com/  Follow Sandra on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-bold-22080a44/  Campaigns mentioned: ‘Bittersweet Pies’ by Paul Romania: https://www.adforum.com/creative-work/ad/player/34526090/bittersweet-pies/paul  Ads by Heineken: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/taxonomy/brand/heineken  ‘Be a follower’ by Diesel: https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/diesel-campaign-mocks-influencers/ Episode timeline:  02:28 How does a day look like working in the creative industries? 04:40 How does wellbeing play in the day-to-day life of a creative? 10:20 What is Cannes Lions, and how did you join as a Jury member? 13:40 How is the field of advertising evolving? 17:20 What are some essential points of stakeholder management?  18:35 How to build confidence?   21:12 How do you measure the success of work? 22:00 What other business setup should you prepare when presenting? 24:30 What made you decide to join the advertising field? 28:50 Challenging situation and how to approach it?  31:49 Tackling wellbeing in the creative industries. 34:20 What to consider when changing roles & countries?  38:15 What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your career? 39:40 Ladies Steps - What is the deal with gender equality? 43:30 What is your favorite ad campaign? 
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