S03 E02 Boundaries: How to create a life by design with Sigrid Tasies, Embodiment & Leadership Coach
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Boundaries | Embodiment | Coach | Practice | Self-Reflection | Boundaries at Work | Alignment | Leadership | Women Empowerment Sigrid is an Embodiment and Leadership Coach. She is on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs tap into their infinite potential as leaders by fully embodying their truth and most profound alignment to amplify their impact in this world. In our interview, we discuss the process of establishing boundaries, how to communicate our boundaries, and how to integrate the practice of setting boundaries in a world that is constantly changing. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. Her unique and refreshing wisdom and vulnerability are sure to impact listeners profoundly. Find out more about Sigrid’s work: https://sigridtasies.com/  Follow Sigrid on Instagram: @sigridtasies Episode Timeline:  03:15 What does it mean to be an embodiment coach? 04:20 What are boundaries?  08:25 What does it mean to have healthy boundaries?  15:00 How can we manage boundaries when we are in a power-play situation in our professional life, e.g., manager vs. employee, senior vs. junior, expert vs. generalist?  20:55 What advice do you give to people with difficulties setting boundaries or who are stuck in a context where past traumas do not let them evolve from those situations?  24:50 What are the most frequent pieces of reflection people tell you when they start the journey with you?  27:55 How can we integrate the practice of setting boundaries and knowing ourselves in a world that is constantly in motion?   32:10 What is one thing you wish you knew about your path?  33:10 Why don’t we tell ourselves from a young age that we can do anything? 37:30 Final 5 Fire Questions 
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