As Marijuana and it's component supplement CBD become more mainstream there is a real risk that you could be stunting your fertility with their use, especially in unexplained cases or recurrent implantation failure.  Join us for the education bomb Dr. Gersh drops on how our hormones naturally ebb and flow with our own endocannabinoids and what happens to our hormones we add THC or CBD.  If you suffer from endometriosis, unexplained infertility, or implantation failure tune in today!
Published 02/04/21
Space for grace is a personal account of where my thought work and spirituality have converged. I want to show you how to up-level your fertility journey into one of growth that will ultimately make your current suffering worth it in the end. 
Published 01/28/21
Gut health isn't where your brain would normally go when trying to solve the problem of fertility challenges, but it is thought to be one of the root causes of subfertility. Did you know that low microbe diversity in your intestines can lead to issues like endometriosis, pcos, metabolic syndrome and even obesity? Functional medicine specialist Dr. Jen Horton and I talk all things poo and how and why it should be a part of your fertility workup.
Published 05/27/20
Published 04/25/20
How do we construct a practice that fits our life, one that we will actually keep coming back today. Those questions and more are answered along with a mantra for you to practice for the next 40 days to beckon a child into your life.
Published 04/25/20
Practicing the Art of Silence, with your partner, can help to reveal the stories that you tell yourself about your connection and help to cultivate a deep sense of connectedness. Today you will learn the two most important exercises that will help you begin to feel comfortable in silence and true presence.
Published 04/24/20
Day 5 of our meditation challenge happens to fall on a new moon in Taurus and Earth day. What an auspicious day for setting intentions! We will examine the 5 realms of life (Physical, Mental/Emotional, Relationship, Material and Spiritual) and how our fertility is interfacing with these different parts that make up our lives. We will then set some intentions that we would like to see unfold and seal it with a mantra in celebration of the Earth- Om Shri Gaia Ma Purnatva Gaia Ma.
Published 04/23/20
Today's guided journey can be super helpful anytime you feel that you need a healthy "time out." Often when we are feeling the most constricted, it is because we are wrestling with questions. Today you go on a journey to get answers from the Archetypal women you carry inside. After it is over you will know how to find more space when you are feeling pinned in or couped up. After you practice it a few times, you won't even need my voice.
Published 04/22/20
Today's meditation will guide you through a journey of becoming reunited with the wisdom of your heart. We will discuss the concept of the Heart - Uterus connection as defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Published 04/21/20
In day 2 of our fertility meditation challenge we explore concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine that stresses the importance of an open and flowing heart to help with creation or what is sometimes referred to as a conscious conception. 
Published 04/20/20
The breath is all about the exhale, and so is finding your center. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week I am hosting my annual fertility meditation challenge. In today's meditation you will practice 5 different types of breathing techniques. My hope is that you will find 1-2 that really resonate with you that you take into your daily life to help control the stress response.
Published 04/19/20
Brain based coach, Elizabeth Markie, and I will discuss our favorite techniques for down regulating the nervous system out of fight or flight throughout our day. Two heart math techniques that are only 1 and 2 minutes long are covered along with how to bring healing & connection to the world with a Meta Meditation.
Published 04/11/20
As if fertility challenges weren't hard enough, now we are dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19. Today we bring you some sound advice for coping emotionally and the beautiful insight as to why you may be better equipped to handle this than you think.
Published 04/06/20
I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again, stress negatively affects fertility and pregnancy. Maybe you been told, Just RELAX and it will happen more times than you care to count, which really makes you stress out. But, it’s not stress that’s the enemy, it’s how fast we can get back into a relaxed state that really matters. These mini relaxation techniques are quick, easy to apply throughout your day and restore your relaxation response in moments.
Published 01/25/20
We all have something that we want that sometimes is a struggle to see other people around us getting or having the feeling like you’re the only person that doesn’t have the thing. But, what should you do when everyone around you is pregnant, and you are having a meltdown? Our guest, Erin Gray LMHT, LMT takes us through a four-step approach that you could apply to avoid a meltdown or at the very least lessen the blow.  
Published 01/19/20
In today’s episode we dissect the concept of Total Ecology of Health. It’s a term coined by one of my mentors, Dr. Aviva Romm. It has to do with our body’s ability to detox itself in relation to the toxic burden we place on it and our interconnectedness to the planet. We discuss what toxic burden is, the concepts of stress and terrain and what you can do emlimate your toxic burden and super charge your natural detox abilities.
Published 01/10/20
In today’s episode, we are joined by Heidi Brockmyre. She will be helping us understand how acupuncture can help boost fertility and help you conceive. She teaches women how to get pregnant, have a faster, healthier, easier and more affordable way in her online program Fertility activation method. She loves teaching women how to renew their faith and their ability to conceive and how to take back control of their health and their bodies.
Published 12/27/19
Are you a new mom struggling to keep up? Do you feel like taking care of your child is way more work than you anticipated leaving you constantly overwhelmed? Or are you finding yourself in a constant emotional funk, while telling yourself you should feel happy? You could be suffering from postpartum depression and/or anxiety. Many women suffer from postpartum depression, and even more go undiagnosed with postpartum anxiety. Today's episode is designed to break the stigma so you can heal.
Published 11/23/19
This episode is all about how to run exercises of using the self coaching model. It’s been instrumental in me reclaiming my health and my sanity as a step parent. I know this can handle any situation and I want to teach it to you. I truly believe if you work with it and actually write down the models that you run, it can be the #1 tool to help you keep your cool while you are patiently waiting to conceive!
Published 11/20/19
If you have wondered about using the Ava bracelet to get a handle on your fertility, have tracked your basal body temps (BBT) and are totally over buying ovulation kits, are unsure of your ovulation signs & symptoms, or your just starting out and trying to figure out when your fertile window actually occurs this episode is for you. Check the show notes at http://www.LadyPotions.com/fmradio/ovulation-calculator-you-wear
Published 11/03/19
Infertility is becoming an epidemic in the world. According to a statistic carried out in the US, 10-12 out of 100 couples in the US struggle with infertility. In today’s episode, we are joined by a woman who has been through the infertility journey and is now a mother.
Published 10/25/19
Are you considering having a home birth? This episode is for you. Our guest today loves talking about home birth.   Today, we are joined by Katelyn Fusco. She is the host and creator of Happy Homebirth. As a wife, mother and homebirth advocate, she has a passion for presenting positive, encouraging stories and reliable resources for homebirth mothers. Before becoming a mother, Katelyn worked as a student midwife.
Published 10/21/19
In honor of Recurrent Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month we offer you this wisdom packed episode with Dr. Zev Williams.  If you or someone you know has experienced a miscarriage you owe it to yourself to have a listen. 
Published 10/15/19
1 in 10 American women which is somewhere around 5 million women, suffer from symptoms on the PCOS spectrum. Today we cover all of the supplements that can treat the root cause of PCOS to help you be healthier and more fertile.  Take this podcast a step further & become a Fertile Minds Insider today @ https://hillary-talbott.mykajabi.com
Published 09/20/19
Does a sperm analysis matter when trying to conceive? When you should get one and other specifics with world renown reproductive urologist, Dr. Paul Turek. 
Published 07/28/19