Learn How All Forms of Marijuana Can Help & Hurt Your Reproductive Organs
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As Marijuana and it's component supplement CBD become more mainstream there is a real risk that you could be stunting your fertility with their use, especially in unexplained cases or recurrent implantation failure.  Join us for the education bomb Dr. Gersh drops on how our hormones naturally ebb and flow with our own endocannabinoids and what happens to our hormones we add THC or CBD.  If you suffer from endometriosis, unexplained infertility, or implantation failure tune in today!
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Space for grace is a personal account of where my thought work and spirituality have converged. I want to show you how to up-level your fertility journey into one of growth that will ultimately make your current suffering worth it in the end. 
Published 01/28/21
Gut health isn't where your brain would normally go when trying to solve the problem of fertility challenges, but it is thought to be one of the root causes of subfertility. Did you know that low microbe diversity in your intestines can lead to issues like endometriosis, pcos, metabolic syndrome...
Published 05/27/20
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