Bros and Smile + more
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Reviews of new movies in theaters including the romantic comedy Bros and horror film Smile, plus coverage of TV shows including Andor episode 4 and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 6. Hilarity ensues as Alan rants!
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Bob Iger takes over Disney, so will we see big changes? A new spin-off brand? Also, reviews of Pale Blue Eye and the documentary Deconstructing Karen. Plus an interview with the filmmakers behind Dave Stevens: Drawn To Perfection. Hilarity ensues! 
Published 11/30/22
It's time for holiday movies! A discussion of the first three episodes of Willow on Disney+ plus a review and discussion of Disney's animated feature Strange World, now in theaters. Hilarity ensues! 
Published 11/25/22
Published 11/25/22