Hellraiser, Werewolf by Night + More
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Reviews of the new Hellraiser, Marvel's Werewolf by Night plus new TV episodes of Andor and House of the Dragon. Interviews with Paul Schuyler, the director of Red River Road, and filmmaker Paul Tomborello's project Shark Trap. Hilarity ensues.
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Bob Iger takes over Disney, so will we see big changes? A new spin-off brand? Also, reviews of Pale Blue Eye and the documentary Deconstructing Karen. Plus an interview with the filmmakers behind Dave Stevens: Drawn To Perfection. Hilarity ensues! 
Published 11/30/22
It's time for holiday movies! A discussion of the first three episodes of Willow on Disney+ plus a review and discussion of Disney's animated feature Strange World, now in theaters. Hilarity ensues! 
Published 11/25/22
Published 11/25/22