Agustin Lebron helps growing tech companies make better decisions using his knowledge of trading.
Published 06/27/19
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Published 06/12/19
The 8 irrefutable mistakes that you need to avoid!
Published 05/09/19
Welcome to the the Financial Detox® podcast—a show that’s dedicated to helping you retire with confidence. To find out more information about Financial Detox and IDA Wealth, visit https://www.idawealth.com
Published 03/25/19
Emotions WILL destroy your long term returns in the market.  Today on the Podcast Jason Labrum discusses the importance of staying the course with your investment plan for long term success.
Published 01/30/19
Towards the end of 2018 we’ve returned to a time of market volatility. That means that there’s even more toxic financial advice out there than usual, and a lot of smart individuals are making not-so-smart decisions. 
Published 01/10/19
Shannon Brady visits the Financial Detox® studio to discuss the College Planning Process and how important it is to start planning/ saving/ discussing A College Plan for your kids. In today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn: ● Understanding the college application process. ● How options for college education are changing? ● Private College VS. Public College
Published 12/17/18
Labrum Wealth Management has some exciting news! The firm is expanding and growing and has now added a Scottsdale office. Jim Pupillo and the team at LDI have teamed up with Labrum Wealth Management to form IDA (Intelligence Driven Advisers).  This acquisition will provide many benefits for the clients of LWM (now IDA) such as: increased team collective knowledge, greater specialization within our team members, a larger more capable firm with approximately $800 million in assets under...
Published 12/02/18
At Labrum Wealth Management, we talk to many potential advisors about joining our firm, and there’s one question that really helps us determine if they might be a good fit: Do they care passionately about what their clients are ultimately paying - and what their net returns are? Today, trader Andrew Grant joins the podcast to talk about how to take control of the elements you can control - and potential red flags you should be on the lookout for when you evaluate your relationships with...
Published 11/19/18
With the midterm elections, we’ve returned to a time of market volatility. Volatility and stress knock out your habits. Even if you’ve been disciplined and strategic for years, many people throw all of that out the window at the first sign of change. However, you can still invest extremely successfully and beat most investors while taking away your stress - and on today’s podcast, we’re going to show you how. For more information, visit FinancialDetox.com
Published 11/09/18
Everyone’s financial life is a unique combination of assets, liabilities, and situations. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution guaranteed to get you the best possible results - and not all financial advice is created equally. At Labrum Wealth Management, we take a truly independent, personalized approach to our clients’ portfolios. In today’s episode of the podcast, we get in to how we buck the trends of what normally happens in advisor/client relationships in order to best serve our...
Published 10/19/18
Right now, the markets are at all-time highs. However, when we ask, “How are the markets doing?” we’re often referring to a very small subset of the overall market. Very few people who say the markets are doing well are thinking about not just the U.S. stock market, but the bond market or international markets of any kind. Furthermore, with markets at an all-time high, we want to talk about what you can do to prepare for the inevitable decline - or recession - and the best things you can do...
Published 10/03/18
Joe Pecore is a Professor of Business at the Rady School at UCSD. There, he teaches accounting and personal finance - including basic financial planning, the time value of money, how money grows exponentially, budgeting, how to track spending, banking, credit, investing, retirement, and housing - to undergraduates and graduates alike. Show Notes: FinancialDetox.com
Published 09/24/18
At Labrum Wealth Management, we want our clients to think holistically about wealth management - and that’s why today’s episode isn’t just about finances and investing. It’s about how the components of our lives are interconnected, and the fact that how we invest and build wealth is directly linked to our families, our communities, and our jobs. Few people know this better than today’s guest, Paul Thompson.
Published 09/10/18
Lots of very smart people try to time the market - that is, try to get in and out at the exact right time to achieve the greatest returns. However, studies have shown, again and again, that unless you happen to get extremely lucky, you’re going to end up getting worse results with more volatility. Today’s episode is all about why the world wants us to believe that we can time the markets - and why this is simply a bad idea.
Published 08/28/18
Today, Financial Detox co-host Alex Klingensmith joins us from Spain - where he’s been living for the last three weeks - to tell us all about what he’s learned in his time there, the flourishing world economies he’s seen firsthand, and how you can buy international stocks and mutual funds. Get access to the full show notes, visit LabrumWealth.com. 
Published 08/13/18
401(k) plans are becoming a bigger and bigger part of retirement plans. We handle lots of them at Labrum Wealth Management, and we see lots of problems and deficiencies within 401(k) plans: unclear commissions, a lack of education, and a general savings crisis among many working Americans. In fact, the majority of 401(k) plans in San Diego are held by advisors who handle less than two 401(k)s! That’s why we’ve dedicated today’s episode to 401(k)s - and we’ve brought on 20-year 401(k) veteran...
Published 08/02/18
As investors, many of us want to take action, even when doing nothing is sometimes better. To make matters worse, even in a relatively flat, unsensational financial year, news shows are always looking for something sensational to talk about. At Labrum Wealth Management, we want you to be able to make smart, informed decisions in alignment with your financial goals, regardless of what’s going on in the world. That’s why in today’s show, we’re going in-depth on bonds: what they actually are,...
Published 07/16/18
At Labrum Wealth Management, we’re passionate about helping you live the best financial life possible. We know that there’s a lot of bad, outdated, and just plain broken advice in the financial industry right now, especially in terms of what clients end up getting from their advisors. That’s why today, we’re tackling a very broad, multi-part question from a listener with a million-dollar estate: “How should I invest my money?” To get access to the full show notes for today's discussion,...
Published 06/22/18
The Financial Detox team at Labrum Wealth Management talks a lot about growing money over time and protecting wealth - and a big component of that is often giving to others in your community. That’s why today, I’m speaking with a very special guest: my good friend and NBA Champion Brad Holland. Brad is the CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad - of which I have been a board member since 2002 - and manages over $3 million in funds supplied almost entirely through private donations to...
Published 06/12/18
It’s practically a universal truth that if you invest in a great, diverse portfolio of companies - or institutions through bonds - you are going to do very well. However, people have been scared lately - and as a result, over the last 3-4 months we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about annuities. That’s why today, we’re focusing specifically on annuities and everything you need to know! Show notes: FinancialDetox.com
Published 05/25/18
We’ve been getting a lot of tax inquiries since the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which substantially changed America’s tax code for the first time in decades. It has left a lot of people wondering how to best utilize their options as they plan for retirement, begin receiving payments, or even re-enter the workforce in a part-time capacity. That’s why today’s focus is all about tax planning. For more information, visit FinancialDetox.com
Published 05/16/18
JASON LABRUM, CFP®, AIF® PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER ALEX KLINGENSMITH, CFP® SENIOR WEALTH ADVISOR/COO Jason and Alex discuss the significant impact taxes have on your overall financial plan. Contact jason@labrumwealth.com to get your Free Tax Plan today!
Published 04/03/18
JASON LABRUM, CFP®, AIF® FOUNDER/CEO ALEX KLINGENSMITH, CFP® SENIOR WEALTH ADVISOR/COO Jason and Alex discuss how important it is to find out what your advisor SPECIFICALLY gets paid.  It's so important to have transparency in fees as they ultimately will have an impact on your returns.   Financial Detox events on Marcy 27th and March 29th.  Register at Financialdeotx.com
Published 03/26/18