The Myth of "Making It" with Qveen Herby
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Singer, songwriter, and fashion icon, Qveen Herby (formerly frontwoman of the band KARMIN), joins Tori for a candid and at times off the walls discussion about the mysterious record industry, the financial realities of becoming an independent artist, releasing your own content, how astrology helped her get out of her record deal, and of course, the myth of “making it”. A dominatrix of self-care, Qveen’s music screams empowerment and aligning with your higher purpose. Follow Qveen on TikTok:  Follow Qveen on Instagram: Check out the show notes for this episode for more resources:    Watch Exclusives from Financial Feminist on YouTube:  Follow Financial Feminist on Instagram:  Follow Her First $100K on Instagram: Crush your debt with Debt Defeater, Her First $100K’s newest course offering:   Looking for more actionable money advice? Take our FREE money personality quiz!  Leave Financial Feminist a voicemail:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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