How to Save Our Democracy with Amanda Litman
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Does our vote really matter? How do we make our politicians listen to us instead of bending to lobbyists and corporations? Is there hope for our democracy? Today’s guest, Amanda Litman (Run for Something), is here to show us the path to getting more progressive candidates in office who can begin to affect change locally and, eventually, nationally. A path that starts right outside your front door in the community you love. The hope, as it turns out, is all of us. This is one of the most important episodes we’ve ever recorded, and it’s crucial listening –– now more than ever before. Pre-Order “Financial Feminist: Overcome the Patriarchy’s Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love”: Abortion Resources: Follow Run for Something on Instagram: Become a Candidate with Run for Something:  Voting and election information:  Our HYSA recommendation [affiliate]: Follow Financial Feminist on Instagram:  Follow Her First $100K on Instagram: Looking for more actionable money advice? Take our FREE money personality quiz!  Leave Financial Feminist a voicemail:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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