Closing the Wealth & Investing Gap for Women, with Sallie Krawcheck
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You’ve heard of the pay gap, but there’s an even bigger and more terrifying stat you should be worried about -- the wealth gap. I chat with this week’s guest, Sallie Krawcheck (Ellevest), about the wealth and investment gap between men and women, why women are not investing at the same rate as their male counterparts, and the tangible ways we can begin to close the gap. Sallie Krawcheck is the founder of Ellevest, a digital-first financial company built by women for women. Not sure where to start with your finances? Take the free Money Personality Quiz to get tailored resources for your financial journey: Follow Sallie on Instagram: As a gift from Ellevest to Financial Feminist listeners, get your first 3 months free! Visit to redeem. INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: FACEBOOK GROUP:
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