Jesus is the Center
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Like we said at the beginning of the week, this life is marked by a single choice: who or what will we center our lives around? Today we will look to the person of Jesus Christ. He is the first and the last; everything was created for him, by him and through him. To center your life around anyone else is futile and empty. As we look to Jesus today, may our eyes be fixed on his eternal goodness and glory. Allow your heart to be stirred in adoration, worship and devotion to the only true King this world has even known. Our Scripture for today comes from Isaiah 9:6, and today's worship is This is Jesus by Gas Street Music. Want a more thriving relationship with God in 2022? There’s a lot of talk every new year about resolving to do this and resolving to do that. But no lasting change ever comes from doing more or trying harder. Real change… and experiencing a truly abundant life… only come from one place: connecting with God.  This is why Craig Denison wrote his book, Living Intentionally: Finding Meaning through a Modern Rule of Life. And it’s why we want to send you a copy today! Craig wrote Living Intentionally to guide believers like you into a more thriving relationship with God. Because if your relationship with him is thriving, it invites you into a deeper, truer sense of abundant life no matter what life may bring. CLICK HERE to request your copy of Living Intentionally today.
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Published 05/23/22
Published 05/23/22
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