What CAUSES Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Golden Child and Black Sheep EXPLAINED
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Narcissistic parent is prone to treat their child in either of two ways. Overpraising (Golden Child) or shunning and scapegoating (Black Sheep). What is the reason behind that kind of parenthood and how does it impact the children development? Find out in this episode. (01:10) The Big Long Screaming 'Nooo' of Denial (05:25) Narcissistic Shell (Reality Split) (08:40) Communication With NPD Through His Shield (11:16) No Boundaries and the Godlike Position NPD Takes (13:46) The Story of a Golden Child and a Black Sheep as Narcissist's Two Sons (20:46) Scapegoat (24:08) Codependent That Has Been Cast Out Into the Darkness (27:02) //Q&A Section// (27:17) "Do you think narcissists despise sensitive emotional children because they are everything they can never be or do, they see it as a weakness?" (29:07) "Can the black sheep/golden child switch roles continually between two children?" (29:20) "Can divorce parents reverse the scapegoat and golden child roles with their two kids?" (29:57) "Can the same child be a golden child and a black sheep simultaneously when there's only one child?" (30:35) "Would NPD commit suicide or are they too emotionally immature, or do they get others to commit suicide for them?"  (30:47) "Can the black sheep help the golden child?" (31:01) "Is it possible for a golden child to change?" (31:33) "What if the golden child rebels against the parent?" (31:49) "Is every NPD recruited by another NPD in their mirrored reality?" (32:11) "There's too much entitlement today" (33:06) "Why is the narcissistic parent angered by the scapegoat happiness and success?" (34:13) "Does a black sheep manifest as a codependent?" (34:37) "Would it help to understand their worldview or is it a waste of time?" (35:03) "Does the medical community currently recognize the rate of people driven to suicide by NPD's?" (38:36) "Can the NPD manipulate their children that they rather spend time with him?" (38:57) "Why as the black sheep, am I the only one to see the evil in the NPD parent?"
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