Fascinating Back Stories of a Life in Aviation
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Episode 94 The conversation continues with Hoot Gibson. Gibson’s life in aviation started growing up and took him to the cockpit of Navy fighters, NASA space shuttles and many test and race aircraft. Hoot, John, Greg and Todd cover the many unique experiences of Gibson’s career. His experiences and lessons learned offer every pilot key takeaways. Hear Hoot narrate the experience of his five shuttle missions, including the handshake that ended the Cold War. Gibson is also known as the ambassador of model aviation and talks about the benefits of working with model aircraft.
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Episode 101 Greg, John and Todd have a lively conversation triggered by the recent announcement from Delta Airlines that pilots no longer need a college education. Will this impact aviation safety? “I know a lot of pilots that know aviation but don’t understand aviation,” says Greg. He adds...
Published 01/19/22
Published 01/19/22
Episode 100 Episode 100 looks ahead to what’s next for Flight Safety Detectives. There’s a fresh new look and new segments to educate and entertain while doing the serious work of promoting aviation safety. Hear John and Greg talk about their plans for 2022. They offer updates on recent major...
Published 01/13/22