Tis the Season for Aviation Accidents
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 Episode 99 Winter weather and questionable piloting have led to another series of aviation accidents. Greg and John look at the initial information and stress the importance of not flying beyond your skills and knowledge. One fatal crash took the life of their good friend Charlie Schneider, CEO of MYGOFLIGHT. They share the known details that led to the crash of his Cirrus SR22. They reflect on his dedication to general aviation and general aviation safety. The NTSB has released the final report of the crash of a Beech B60 Duke. Greg finds that the NTSB investigation was thorough, and the report has good information. Among the findings – no preflight inspection and a homemade gust lock left in place. “Bad things happen when you take a sick airplane into the air,” says Greg. John and Greg offer flight safety advice based on years of investigating the aftermath of accidents.
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Episode 118 Charlie Taylor (1868 – 1956) was an American inventor, mechanic and machinist. John, Greg and Todd talk about the impacts of Taylor’s work in the earliest days of aviation. Taylor built the first aircraft engine used by the Wright brothers in the Wright Flyer. He was a vital...
Published 05/24/22
Published 05/24/22
Episode 117 This episode kicks off with a recap of the 2022 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. John applauds the talents of the more than 350 participants. More than 800 people attended the event! Team and individuals earned awards and scholarships. More than 25 people also earned final...
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