How to Polish Rusty Pilot Skills
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Episode 116 Todd Curtis has decided to return to the cockpit after decades and he’s sharing his experience. Whether you are new to aviation or are rusty after a brief or long time away from flying, this discussion is for you. Todd and John walk through the steps and how to have a safety mindset from day one. How to find the right instructor Having an honest health conversation with your doctor Getting started Approaches to preflight inspections and checklists Making your logbook an essential reference. Listen for tips that will help you fly safe!
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Some air crashes are not really accidents. Todd and John characterize the focus of this week’s episode an event where a perfectly good airplane was destroyed. “Some pilots have more money than brains, and this seems to be a case of that,” John says. The 2021 air crash event involved a Cessna...
Published 06/22/22
Published 06/22/22
Episode 120 The efforts of the Flight Safety Foundation take center stage. Special guest is Jim Burin, former technical director at the Foundation and chairman of the award committee for the Laura Taber Barbour Air Safety Award. Greg and John highlight the many accomplishments of the foundation...
Published 06/15/22