Aircraft Maintenance Highs and Lows
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Episode 117 This episode kicks off with a recap of the 2022 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. John applauds the talents of the more than 350 participants. More than 800 people attended the event! Team and individuals earned awards and scholarships. More than 25 people also earned final interviews with companies in attendance to staff their maintenance crews. Keeping with the maintenance theme, Greg and John cover the crash of Emery Worldwide Airlines Flight 17. Greg served at the NTSB investigator in charge. John also visited the crash site. Originally thought to be caused by a cargo shift, the accident investigation revealed a maintenance error was the root cause. John explains the mistakes made during maintenance of the plane’s tail. It all comes down to simple bolts that were installed incorrectly. Greg highlights the challenges of recovering the plane wreckage. The crash was into an auto salvage yard and caused a large fire. Investigators had to sift through everything to find the DC8 parts. Following procedures can lead to maintenance successes and failures. This episode showcases those highs and lows.
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