Air Crash Not an Accident Episode 121
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Some air crashes are not really accidents. Todd and John characterize the focus of this week’s episode an event where a perfectly good airplane was destroyed. “Some pilots have more money than brains, and this seems to be a case of that,” John says. The 2021 air crash event involved a Cessna Citation flown by a single pilot. Although the pilot had experience in aviation, he had been denied a type rating for the plane and single pilot authorization by an Arizona flight school. This fateful flight started in the Portland area. Before takeoff, the pilot was not fully responsive to air traffic control. That issue continued as the flight progressed to the Mount Hood area. “Something was amiss and it wasn’t the aircraft,” Todd notes. The flight ended with an extended spiral into the ground. Also in this episode is advice related to restricted air space rules and risks and the need for student pilots to secure renter’s insurance.
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