991: Building Confidence as a Woman in the Workplace
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Being the only woman in a tech company can come with its fair share of challenges; as you navigate classic archetypes during a disagreement, you may start to wonder whether you handled the situation appropriately. Our guest is here to remind you: You are in control. On this #onehero episode, we discuss an article by Cory Munchbach, Chief Operating Officer at BlueConic, about how to survive being the only woman in a workplace, staying confident and competent through it all.  What we discussed: The difficulties of being the only woman in a workplaceBuilding a great community as a leaderStraddling boundaries with networkingAdvice to women in the workplace This is a #FlipMyFunnel podcast. Check us out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or here. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Flip My Funnel in your favorite podcast player.
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