Episode 63: Jim Bourke
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Welcome back this week! IAC President Jim Bourke joins the podcast again to talk about the fall board meeting. There has been some controversy surrounding the decisions made, and hopefully this sheds some light on the thought process of the board. FCS really appreciates the members of the board and their hard work. They made some tough decisions and not everyone agreed with those decisions. We also talk about Southeast Aero, and Jim’s plans to buy the facility. We touch on Jim and Marianne flying the NG, the Sebring contest and so much more! Thank you to LIFT Aviation for sponsoring the podcast. Use the promo code FLYCOOLSHIT at checkout for 25% off! Buy some shirts at www.flycoolshit/com/merch!
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Hey hey! This week we visit the 2022 IAC propose knowns which takes up a lot of the discussion. Mark gets visited by the gardeners while he was recording in his garage, Jeff had a snow day and so much more! Thank you to LIFT Aviation! Head over to www.liftaviationusa.com and use the promo code...
Published 01/21/22
Welcome back everyone! This week we attempt to record a podcast despite the internet having better ideas lol! Never the less, we get the job done. Jeff and I talk about Mark’s car accident, Jeff’s first flight in his 330SC in about two months and we answer some of your fan questions! So much fun...
Published 01/15/22