Episode 64: Brad Wursten
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Happy Thanksgiving!! Hopefully you crawled to your phone, half awake from your turkey coma and found the latest episode! Brad Wursten joins us this week to talk about all kinds of stuff. He took delivery of his MX2 a little while ago so we talk about the comparisons between his MXS and the new MX2. He tells us how he got into airshows, what it was like learning aerobatics and doing his first airshow, the Elevate Your Life program and so much more! Brad is a total gear head and you can tell he is super passionate about flying and having fun. We are super excited to see that Lucas Oil is Brads main newest title sponsor, and can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2022! Thank you Brad for coming on the podcast! To learn more about Brad, head over to https://poweraddictionairshows.com Thank you to his sponsors: https://lucasoil.com https://www.pitviper.com https://ekusa.com https://www.oregonaero.com https://aeroleds.com https://hutchinsonai.com https://cvm-inc.com For more information on the Elevate Your Life program, visit https://ryanjpoe.org Thank you to Lift Aviation! Please visit www.liftaviationusa.com and use the promo code FLYCOOLSHIT at checkout for 25% off most items on the website!
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