Episode 90: Eat Cool Shit
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Welcome back! This week Mark and Jeff catch up and talk about what was probably the best episode with Rob Holland so far. Jeff tried his technique for ratcheting the harness down and you can hear his thoughts when you listen to the episode. We talk about a couple of contests that occurred including Intermediate Worlds which spawns a bunch of different topics of discussion. Then we somehow started talking about food which lasted way too long haha! Finally, we wrapped up talking about how Jeff is a terrorist because he hasn’t seen Top Gun Maverick yet. Thank you to LIFT Aviation! Head over to www.liftaviationusa.com and use the promo code FLYCOOLSHIT at checkout for 25% off Thank you for your support! Please help support the podcast by going to www.flycoolshit.com/merch and buying some shirts.
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Welcome back! We tried to record a quickie that ended up being longer than an hour lol. Today wrapped up with the first half flying the first unknown and it was an exciting day. We talk about the rankings, how they scored, and some expectations for tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!
Published 08/08/22
Welcome back! In this episode, IAC President Jim Bourke joins the podcast again to talk about wrapping up the free known today in Poland. Jim shares some thoughts on Marianne’s death which was really insightful. As most know, Jim made the U.S. Unlimited Team last year but elected to pull out...
Published 08/06/22