*Future US relations with Russia, China and North Korea* * Albania and Covid: Is the EU and the WHO failing the West Balkans?* *Amanda Gorman and her inaugural poem*
Published 01/21/21
* US Presidential Inauguration *
Published 01/20/21
*Fleischatlas: the meat industry and the environment* *End of the Trump era: 3 lessons learned?* *Croatia border police arrest people with fake covid test certificates*
Published 01/19/21
*Covid vaccines and the debate around intellectual property* *Armin Laschet takes over as leader of Germany's CDU* *Alexei Navaly arrested on return to Moscow*
Published 01/18/21
*Biden's promises: will control of the Senate help get things done?* *Faraway Friends: access to clean water inspiring music* *WHO team in China to investigate origins of Covid pandemic*
Published 01/15/21
*What caused the massive Covid spike in Ireland* * Austria's only Velodrome to close* *Coming soon to a place near you: the yellow mealworm*
Published 01/14/21
* Biden inauguration: how are the preparations going? * Jochberg: suspected cases of new Covid variant * Trump banned from social media: too little too late? *
Published 01/13/21
*Insurrection in the US: an end or a beginning?* *Turkish cult leader Adnan Oktar sentenced to 1075 years in prison* *Plagiarism: the importance and challenge of avoiding it*
Published 01/12/21
*What is Parler* * Trump and insurrection: the Democrat impeachment strategy* * Students reflect on the challenges of lockdown*
Published 01/11/21
A look at the conditions and movements that could spark a nationwide conflict in the USA
Published 01/08/21
* The US far right and why they will not go away * Will Trump become the first US president to be impeached twice? *
Published 01/08/21
Riots on Capitol Hill in Washington DC: analysis and comment from Scott Lucas and Priscilla Huff
Published 01/07/21
* River isel: a jewel of nature * Britain's NHS calls for Brexit postponement * How the "Garden of England" is becoming a lorry park * EU and travel bans: who can do what? *
Published 12/23/20
* Kosovo's acting president explains why the youth hold the key to the future * How prepared is Biden for the US presidency? *
Published 12/22/20
* New coronavirus strain: what does it really mean? * Church in Austria calls on government to help refugees in Greece: the situation in Lesbos *
Published 12/21/20
*Hungary accused of further eroding civil liberties* *The rise of populist "Iron Men": an introduction* *US Hack: "possibly one of the biggest ever acts of cyber espionage"*
Published 12/18/20
*Paris Mayor to pay fine for employing "too many* women* *Niklas Hoehne/Climate Action Tracker on EU emission reductions targets*
Published 12/17/20
*Covid vaccine: why is approval taking longer in the European Union?* *The poisoning of Alexei Nawalny: a botched attack by Russian agents?* *EU and Big Tech: what do proposed new laws say?*
Published 12/16/20
*The US presidential pardon: a brief history* *A new Covid strain in England?*
Published 12/15/20
* The EU & AI: how strong are fundamental rights protections? * US Electoral College meets today * John Le Carée Obituary *
Published 12/14/20
* EU Summit: hard won agreements on budget and environment targets * Boris Johnson: Iron Man? *
Published 12/11/20
* Amnesty International warns of vaccine inequality as rich countries buy up vaccines * The COVAX initiative to help ensure fair distribution of vaccines *
Published 12/10/20
* Priscilla Huff reports from Washington DC as the Supreme Court rules against Trump *
Published 12/09/20
*Brexit talks in final phase? * Romania elections *
Published 12/07/20
* Is Israel heading for its 4th election in 2 years? * Deal or cliff edge?- the Brexit clock is ticking * Lebenshilfe: Pay, not pocket money for people with disabilities *
Published 12/03/20