F%cking Empathy
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Motivational speaker and self-proclaimed empath David Waldy sits down to open up about what it means to live in this crazy world as an empath. From how to communicate in a relationship to validating your partners feelings, this convo dives deep into many different relationship dynamics. And what about the anxiety we all seem to be struggling with? Answers for that too. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/fml-talk/donations Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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In this WILD episode, Gabrielle sits down with MTVs Cara Maria & Paulie Calafiore to discuss what goes on in their bedroom. From BDSM to inviting others in to join, this episode will teach you a thing or two about communication, respect, and open relationships. Support this podcast at —...
Published 08/03/22
Published 07/27/22
TRIGGER WARNING - ABUSE When we experience cheating, lies, and narcissism, we go through betrayal. On todays episode, Jane from Betrayal Trauma Recovery joins Gabrielle to discuss boundary setting, different abuse tactics to look out for, and how to take care of yourself after going through...
Published 07/27/22