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The American College of Cardiology released a new consensus statement endorsing several signs on the electrocardiogram (ECG) as "STEMI Equivalents." In this podcast, we review these signs. Show notes / graphics / references: Thanks for listening! Lauren Westafer
Published 10/18/22
Since 2010, the American Heart Association guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) have de-emphasized pulse checks - such that they recommend against routine pulse checks. Despite this recommendation, may individuals and institutions continue to perform pulse checks. This episode...
Published 09/03/22
There is a global outbreak of human monkeypox virus cases. In this episode we provide a quick summary of monkeypox to date. Check out our two more in-depth episodes on the topic.  References/Show notes: Thanks for listening! Jeremy Faust & Lauren Westafer
Published 07/29/22