Managing Our Size & Shape
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Genes have a crucial role in how we look and feel. But, is what we are born with fixed or is there some room to change our DNA through our behaviour and environment? This week’s Food For Thought sees registered dietitian Rachel Clarkson and I delve into DNA, the importance of all being unique and how we can harness it to be the best version of ourself. Plus for more information, visit and See for privacy and opt-out information.
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In a society where we are still so strongly influenced by diet culture it’s no wonder that people are trying to come up with alternative weight loss solutions. But is there a way that we can do this by adjusting the way we think about food and what we eat? This week’s Food For Thought sees Dr...
Published 04/25/22
Published 04/25/22
Food in its natural form has been replaced by snacks and ready meals, many of which are perfectly balanced with sugar and fat, offering little nutritional value but designed to be exceptionally moreish. It’s no surprise then that in the UK we are now at a point where over half the food we buy is...
Published 04/18/22