How to Master Diabetes Naturally with Robby Barbaro & Cyrus Khambatta
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One of the leading chronic diseases, impacting people globally without discrimination, is diabetes. But is our understanding of this condition as comprehensive as it could be? There’s so much about diabetes that we don’t know, and there’s so much that we think we know (because of what we’ve been told over the years), but with diabetes cases rising by the day, is it time we start to challenge the status quo? Today’s episode with Robby Barbaro & Cyrus Khambatta will give you a whole new perspective. Both Robby & Cyrus are type 1 diabetics, so having firsthand experience with the condition, they have made it their life mission to develop a nutrition protocol to reverse insulin resistance that could change the face of disease management for this condition. In this week's episode with Robby Barbaro & Cyrus Khambatta, you’ll discover: Why insulin resistance is so dangerous. The ultimate nutrition protocol to reverse insulin resistance. Robby and Cyrus' first-hand experience with Type 1 Diabetes, and why they made it their mission to help others heal. How to eat to avoid disease now and forever. Why eating natural sugars could be the key to addressing the rise of diabetes. Plus, so much more. Episode resources: Learn more about diabetes in our A-Z Wellness Guide (resource) Save your free spot to the Blood Sugar Revolution Summit (online summit) Discover Mastering Diabetes, the bestselling book (book) Explore 16 of the best foods to control type 2 diabetes (article) Healing from diabetes, blood sugar-related issues, and weight gain have long been some of the most-requested topics in the Food Matters community, so I couldn't be more excited to share today's life-changing conversation...
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